Watch Winders for Heavy and Large Watches

The Rise of Wristwatches

Wristwatches were not always associated with the traits we think of now — power, importance, intelligence — but were instead thought of as silly and faddish. As watch aficionados may know, we have 20th century U.S. soldiers to thank for popularizing wristwatches and associating them with purpose, confidence, and masculinity.

The History of Oversized Watches

In the early 1900’s, pocket watches were the most popular style of personal time-telling. Some people in Europe — predominantly women — had started wearing their timepieces on their wrists, but in the U.S., this was a silly trend, something at which to poke fun. Around this same time, the U.S. was making strides in advancing warfare; technological achievements allowed troops of soldiers to more precisely coordinate strategies and attacks, making time an important factor in battle. Storing watches in their pockets just to fish them out during a time of need was not realistic for soldiers in the trenches of war; thus, they began wearing their watches on their wrists, taking after the trendsetters across the pond. The adoption of this style by soldiers lent a sense of power and toughness to the wristwatch, thereby increasing its popularity in the U.S.

Today’s Take on Wristwatches: Large and In Charge

Today, the power and masculinity of wristwatches has been taken to the extreme. The trend is big and bold, heavy and powerful, with large faces and substantial wristbands. Large watches are by no means reserved only for the most masculine of men, as women too prefer their watches bigger and heftier than before, less dainty and more sturdy.

Watch Winders for Large Watches

Whereas normal sized wristwatches average 43mm in diameter, with a 12mm thickness, the popular large watches of today may reach 61.7mm in diameter with a thickness of 17.3mm. Keeping these impressive timepieces wound and ready to wear requires a watch winder that can handle the size and heft of the piece. Never one to compromise practicality for style, Kunstwinder produces watch winders that not only accommodate these heavy time-pieces, but also compliment and enhance the unique artistry and powerful statement of large watches.