How to best keep automatic watches?

Mechanical watches are amazing pieces of machinery that will last decades if they are properly maintained. Today, we’re giving you some tips on how best to store your precious watches.

Service them regularly

Most brands offer technical services wherein you can send your watch via insured mail for inspection and appropriate repairs. Just as doctors use stethoscopes to listen to a patient’s pulse and breathing to determine whether something is wrong, watch experts place the watch in a digital piezo-electric device that listens to the inner functioning of the watch. This tool can determine if the watch is running too fast or too slow, for example — in which case, they will adjust the spring tension — or if a piece is broken and needs replacement.

During these service check-ups, experts can also clean the outside and inside of the watch and polish the face and wristband to remove any scratches. These services can be expensive, but they will ensure that your watch is in best working conditions. Check your owner’s manual for recommendations on how frequently to service your watch; most brands recommend maintenance once every 3-7 years.

Keep it clean

Water, sweat, and dust are your watch’s enemies; avoid them when possible. If your watch does get exposed to any of the above during normal wear, make sure to clean the face and wristband with a dry cotton rag.

Avoid extreme activities

While automatic watches are extremely resilient due to their construction in materials such as steel and sapphire crystal, they are not immune to vibrations and blows. If you enjoy sports like soccer or tennis, or if you like to go scuba diving, swimming or skiing, it would be wise to leave your watch in a safe place before embarking on these activities to avoid any potential damage.

Get a watch winder

If you have more than one automatic watch, you may consider acquiring a watch winder that compliments and elevates your collection. A watch winder not only provides a dust-free place to store your collection, it also winds watches regularly so that each one is ready to wear at any time. Watch winders are a simple and beautiful way to maintain the precision and accuracy of your pieces’ complicated mechanical workings.

Now that you know how to care for your mechanical watches, we invite you to take a look at our collections and choose one or more to treasure.