Kunstwinder Launched Collaboration with LuxWatchWinders

Early this year, we at Kunstwinder decided to expand our marketing and sales opportunities through E-commerce channels, and started looking for a web store specializing in high-quality watch winders. While researching various web platforms, we established contact with Mark Pereira, the owner of LuxWatchWinders, an online retailer providing luxury watch winders and watch safes, as well […]

Jenreviews article on choosing a perfect watch

Jenreviews recently published an article titled: How to Choose a Watch, According to Science – 8 Factors to Consider. The author talks about the different things everyone should consider when choosing a perfect watch, things like material and style, but also durability or size are key factors that will impact our choice. With the holiday […]


New Release: Carbon Fiber Watch Winder

Kunstwinder is excited to introduce our newest watch winder: Carbon Fiber. Incorporating a high quality, durable, and beautiful material, the Carbon Fiber watch winder is everything you have come to expect from Kunstwinder: it’s luxurious, distinct, creative, and well-crafted, with a hint of the unexpected. Read on to find out more. What’s new about this […]