Kunstwinder Chronos Watch Winder

How to use a watch winder?

Whether you have just acquired a watch winder, or have been using one for a long time, it’s worth reading a few tips regarding how to best take care of it and how to use a watch winder. The first question is how to place the watches in the watch winder, for that, please take a […]

Watch Winder Going Green

What is a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is a device that rotates automatic (also known as self-winding) watches to ensure their power reserve doesn’t deplete. But first, before we go any further, a little bit of history about automatic watches… The history (and science) of automatic watches Automatic watches date back to 1776 when Abram Louys Perrelet, the church […]

Ripple Effect Watch Winder by Kunstwinder

Choosing the Perfect Watch Winder

Over the years you’ve built a collection of automatic watches that you love and you want to display them at your home or office for everyone to see your good taste. You would also like to make sure they are ready to be worn at any moment (i.e. they are fully wound and display the right time). […]