Kunstwinder Chronos Watch Winder

How to use a watch winder?

Whether you have just acquired a watch winder, or have been using one for a long time, it’s worth reading a few tips regarding how to best take care of it and how to use a watch winder.

The first question is how to place the watches in the watch winder, for that, please take a look at our short video with detailed instructions.

You should also consult with your watch manufacturer about the sense of rotation for your watch, and the recommended turns per day. Kunstwinder watch winders come with 24 combinations of speeds and rotation directions that should adapt to any watch needs.

Kunstwinder watch winders are universally compatible with any electricity outlet, 90-260 VAC. We include a European adaptor. If you want to read more about Kunstwinder watch winder specifications, take a look at our specifications pdf.

About the place for a watch winder, we believe that an office desk, living room or bedroom are great places for our watch winders. Whichever place you choose, just make sure it’s indoors and without direct sunlight. To maintain an optimal appearance, carefully clean the dust that may accumulate with a cotton rug, don’t use water or solvents to clean the watch winder or your watches either.

Kunstwinder watch winders are built in robust materials that will last for the years to come, and we only use brushless electric motors. Among other benefits like reduced sound and vibrations, brushless motors don’t wear out, the only rubbing part is the bearings which are engineered to minimize friction and built long lasting materials.

If you plan on not using your watch winder for a long time, it’s preferable to put it back in it’s case and store in a cold and dry place. The same applies not just to your watch winder, but also to your watch. Humidity corrodes metals, and temperature accelerates about any chemical reaction.

Other than that, make sure that you enjoy your watch winder!