What’s a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is a mechanical device that will wind your automatic watches to keep them in perfect running condition and wound. Read to be worn! Refer to https://kunstwinder.com/opinion/what-is-a-watch-winder/ for more information and feel free to contact us.

Do I need a watch winder?

That’s a personal decision that ultimately you should respond. If you have a watch collection that you would like to keep in time and wound at all times, display to others and maintained in bests of conditions, a watch winder would probably be useful to you.

How is Kunstwinder different from the Watch Winder brands in the market?

At Kunstwinder we believe that watch winders are pieces of art on their own. In the current watch winder market, we came across many brands that manufacture perfectly functional watch winder, but unfortunately many have chosen the box style watch winders that lack any beauty of the goods they hold.

We have chosen to invest in design, all our watch winders have been carefully thought and crafted. They are limited series of three hundred units or less with a patented design. Over the course of the years we’ve received excellent compliments from buyers all over the world about how our watch winders have made their office desk, living room or bedroom a little more interesting.

What’s the electricity compatibility for Kunstwinder watch winders?

All of our watch winders come with a 90-260 V AC adaptor.

What are the rotation rates supported?

Our watch winders come with Twenty-four (24) preprogrammed adjustable modes. They are measured in HTpD (Hundreds of Turns per Day). A typical setting for HTpD is between 9 and 11, but please contact your watch manufacturer for precise information about the recommended HTpD.

Our watch winders also support continuous rotation mode, but this mode is only recommended for display purposes as constantly rotating the watch will most likely put an excessive wear into it.

What rotation modes are supported?

All our watch winders support alternate rotation, where three (3) minutes of rotation in one sense are followed by a rest, then three minutes of rotation in the opposite sense and another rest period. This cycle repeats according to chosen HTpD rate. The alternate mode of rotation evenly distributes wear of the watch mechanism.

Single direction of rotation: – Six (6) minutes of rotation – rest – six minutes of rotation in the same direction. The cycle repeats according to chosen HTpD rate. Some brands or models are wound by rotation in one direction only. We recommend consulting with the watch manufacturer before choosing the mode of operation.

Are all watch brands compatible?

Any automatic watch should be compatible with our watch winders.

Which motors does Kunstwinder use?

We only use precise, noiseless, highly-reliable Swiss brushless gear-motor.

Do Kunstwinder watch winders have a warranty?

Yes, all Kunstwinder watch winders come with a full 3-year warranty.

Could I get a Kunstwinder catalog?

Yes, we will be very happy to send you a copy via mail. Please send us an email or contact us through the contact form indicating your name and full address.

Are watch winders distributed world wide?

Our official distributor www.windingtime.com ships world wide. Also Amazon www.amazon.com has all our watch winders in stock and they ship world wide.