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New Release: Carbon Fiber Watch Winder

Kunstwinder is excited to introduce our newest watch winder: Carbon Fiber. Incorporating a high quality, durable, and beautiful material, the Carbon Fiber watch winder is everything you have come to expect from Kunstwinder: it’s luxurious, distinct, creative, and well-crafted, with a hint of the unexpected. Read on to find out more. What’s new about this […]

Interview with Kunstwinder founder on WatchWinder.com

Our partners at WatchWinder.com have featured an exclusive interview with Kunstwinder founder, Valentin Balter. In the interview, he discusses the Kunstwinder mission, philosophy, and values, and gives a behind the scenes look on how and where these luxury watch winders are produced. He also touches on Kunstwinder’s future direction and vision for the coming years. Kunstwinder is a […]

5 Reasons to own a Kunstwinder Watch Winder

A watch winder is a must-have for watch enthusiasts, and a Kunstwinder is a must-have for watch enthusiasts with elevated taste. There are many reasons that a Kunstwinder rises above and beyond other brands of watch winders; here are just a few of them. 1. Kunstwinders optimize the function of a broad range of mechanical […]

Watch Winders for Heavy and Large Watches

The Rise of Wristwatches Wristwatches were not always associated with the traits we think of now — power, importance, intelligence — but were instead thought of as silly and faddish. As watch aficionados may know, we have 20th century U.S. soldiers to thank for popularizing wristwatches and associating them with purpose, confidence, and masculinity. The History […]