The Colors of Onyx Collection

Onyx is a gemstone known for its parallel bands and streaks of color, usually black or white. Black onyx is the most well-known color variety, but most black onyx available on the market is artificially colored. Onyx also occurs naturally in beige, red (known as sardonyx), and green.

Onyx has a long history in jewelry, sculpture, pottery, and even architecture. It was used by the Egyptian Pharaohs for bowls, in Brazil as plinths for art deco sculptures, in Germany as the base of Ferdinand Preiss’ chryselephantine sculptures, in Austria for elegant trays, and even in the Czech Republic as slabs to create glimmering semi-translucent interior walls. Both natural and artificial treatments of onyx were known to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, with Pliny the Elder even describing them in his early encyclopedia, “Naturalis Historia.” The much-admired gemstone is also mentioned in the Bible a number of times.

Inspired by the history and elegance of the mineral, Kunstwinder presents Desert Mirage, the first piece in Onyx Collection. As one might guess from its name, the base of Desert Mirage is made of sand-colored onyx. Two more pieces, one with a sardonyx (red) base and one with a Brazilian green onyx base, will be introduced to the collection soon.

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