New Release: Carbon Fiber Watch Winder

Kunstwinder is excited to introduce our newest watch winder: Carbon Fiber. Incorporating a high quality, durable, and beautiful material, the Carbon Fiber watch winder is everything you have come to expect from Kunstwinder: it’s luxurious, distinct, creative, and well-crafted, with a hint of the unexpected. Read on to find out more.

What’s new about this watch winder?

For the first time at Kunstwinder, we have prominently featured carbon fiber in the base of the watch winder. Not only is this material superb in terms of quality and resilience, as detailed in the next section, it also creates a stunning pattern on the base of the winder. The characteristic curves and undulations of carbon fiber give the base a visually appealing textured finish, which complements well the smoothness and sophistication of the design.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Essentially, carbon fiber is composed of tightly interlocked and interwoven carbon atoms. The unique structure of this material gives it highly sought-after qualities; in particular, carbon fiber is very strong and durable, but also exceptionally light in terms of weight.  This is why carbon fiber is used particularly often in competitive sports cars, which benefit greatly from the material’s durability combined with its low weight.

Options for purchasing

The Carbon Fiber watch winder is available in a matte black finish, as well as red. The red is sleek and dangerous, evocative of a competitive sports car, while the black is an elegant and timeless option. Both finishes will flatter your watches and bring a luxurious, modern flare to your collection.