Interview with Kunstwinder founder on

Our partners at have featured an exclusive interview with Kunstwinder founder, Valentin Balter. In the interview, he discusses the Kunstwinder mission, philosophy, and values, and gives a behind the scenes look on how and where these luxury watch winders are produced. He also touches on Kunstwinder’s future direction and vision for the coming years.

Kunstwinder is a featured brand on, as well as a new and recent addition to their online shop. We are grateful for their continued support and partnership and look forward to what the future holds.

5 Reasons to own a Kunstwinder Watch Winder

A watch winder is a must-have for watch enthusiasts, and a Kunstwinder is a must-have for watch enthusiasts with elevated taste. There are many reasons that a Kunstwinder rises above and beyond other brands of watch winders; here are just a few of them.

1. Kunstwinders optimize the function of a broad range of mechanical time pieces.

Not only do Kunstwinders accommodate very large watches, but they also work to optimize the function of various watch brands and models. Different time pieces require different winding parameters, such as number of rotations per day and direction of rotation, in order to maintain them in the best shape possible. Each Kunstwinder has 24 pre-programmed modes to select from that will satisfy the requirements of many models.

2. Kuntswinders enhance the appearance of all mechanical watches.

The diverse patterns, colors, and motifs of the Kunstwinder collection complement any timepiece and add an elegant flair to any room. The materials of the base vary from Aluminum with different finishes — anodized, color anodized, and chrome plated — to Onyx, a natural gemstone. Each winder features a unique pattern inspired by themes ranging from historical and artistic to mythical, making it a true conversation piece!

3. Kunstwinders are easily customizable due to high-resolution color technology.

Our watch winders owe their deep, vibrant colors to aluminum anodizing, a process that increases the durability of the material and when a correct finishing treatment is applied, greatly improves the lasting power of the winder. This process also enhances color, since anodizing aluminum in conjunction with dye application allows the color to seep into the pores of the material and merge with it in a way that renders it resistant to chips, scratches, and corrosion. Additionally, aluminum anodizing is environmentally friendly, and more so than other metal finishing techniques. Going green has never looked so good.

4. Kunstwinders are exceptionally quiet, with no discernible noise to distract from the visual effect.

All Kunstwinders use a noiseless Swiss motor and precision ball bearings to eliminate irritating and grating mechanical sounds that may accompany other watch winders. A Kunstwinder glides through its motions with a beautiful and graceful ease, leaving admirers to focus on the fluid movements without the distraction of noise.

5. Kunstwinder Watch Winders calm the mind and the senses.

Let your mind meander and your stress float away while you appreciate the hypnotic motions of  Kunstwinder luxury watch winders, whether it be the smooth pumping of an oil rig, the gentle rotation of a whimsical Ferris wheel, or the methodical and dependable timekeeping of Chronos, the Greek god of time.