Snippet from “A Blog to Watch” (Pun Intended)

Back in 2008, Ariel Adams wrote a blog piece about the first time he saw the Oil Baron watch winder in action while window shopping at a jewelry store one night. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. In his own words, he “had to learn more about these novel watch winders.” All he knew was that the company who made the watch winder was called Kunstwinder and that it was a piece from our Industrial Collection.

Adams was especially impressed with the smooth operation of the watch winder:

“The operation is so fluid, the resemblance to actual horse head oil pump derricks is uncanny… You really need to view one of these winders to appreciate it.”

He also noted the quality of the two watch winder springs and how they work for almost every watch while also making it easy to place and remove watches.

This little summary doesn’t do the story justice, so do yourself a favor and read Adams’ original blog post.

Review of Oil Baron by Watch Winders International

Back in 2011, Watch Winder International wrote a review of Oil Baron. Beauty and craftsmanship are repeating themes in the review:

“This winder could probably be considered as art.”

“Completely hand assembled and produced in limited numbers, even the box is expertly made.”

“The motor, like the rest of the machine, is beautifully crafted and whisper quiet.” 

The review states that the price of Oil Baron may seem steep, but it also notes Kunstwinder’s use of only the highest-end materials and machining. 

To read the original review in full, click here.

Oil Baron